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Our Approach

Why Do You Need Documents & Design? At Documents & Design, we believe that a publication requires multiple disciplines, such as writers, editors, graphic designers, and project managers. Online publications may have additional requirements such as multimedia experts and specialty programmers. We believe that no one individual can possess the necessary skill to do all of these tasks professionally. We believe that companies do themselves a disservice -- manifested financially, in efficiency, and in company morale -- if they ask the person who happens to have the least-full plate to add these duties to their regular workload.

Documents & Design approaches publication development, and particularly web development, with a specialized, narrow scope. While we provide content development, we team with other specialists to provide art direction and graphic design, application development, multimedia, and other expertise based on each project's needs. We have well established working relationships with these experts to provide your customers with the best impression of you possible, at the most reasonable price.

At Documents & Design, we have first-hand experience developing dozens of sites and supporting hundreds more. These sites have a range of requirements and complexity, from the simple and straightforward to complex, on-the-fly interactivity. We also have worked with a range of customers. Some have little or no experience in web development and require a more active roll from us to help guide the project smoothly. Some are expert developers who have very defined expectations of what they need from a writer. Regardless of the customer's experience or the complexity of the site, what has resulted is a series of sites that are professional, creative, easy-to-use, and highly regarded by the user.

If you're going to need a sophisticated web site that requires specialists -- or you just want it to look like you do -- Documents & Design can help you bring together a team that meets all your web development needs.

For more on our approach, read our section on the Process of project development.

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