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Learn@Boeing Home Page
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Learn@Boeing Web Site
There are approximately 65 distinct learning organizations at Boeing. The Learn@Boeing web site was started by the Boeing Leadership Center in an effort to bring the learning organizations together under one umbrella (not a formal organization structure but a virtual organization on the Boeing Web), which would simplify the process for employees to find classes. With over 1,500 web pages owned by Learn@Boeing and the Boeing Leadership Center (not including the other thousands of pages owned by the other learning organizations), and with a $2.5 million budget, Learn@Boeing wanted to establish itself as the premier learning site at Boeing. The premise was to make the site so good, other learning organizations would ask to be affiliated with it to add credibility to their own site. The Learn@Boeing web site had over 1 million hits per month and (of 3,000 home pages recorded at Boeing) was one of the most popular sites on the Boeing Intranet. Barb served as Creative Director of the 20 or so employees who contributed to and built the Learn@Boeing web site.

Comments from customer:
"... It is important to recognize that for two long years you have ... proven that a multifunctional, cross-disciplinary, fishnet organization could exist, and indeed, thrive within this company. You pushed to create the most dynamic sites on the world's largest Intranet. ... You won international acclaim for creating the most successful streaming media site in history. ... You created millions of dollars in documented savings. ..." Steve Mercer, vice president, Learn@Boeing.

Comments from editing supervisor:
"Thanks for all your extra efforts Barb. You are setting quite a standard for the people around you and they benefit tremendously from such a model. However, this editing group as a whole benefits from your excellent work and is reflected in the good reputation it gains from you."

Revised: September 19, 2001
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